Changes to Personal Details

If you receive a pension from this scheme, please help to keep your details up to date by telling the Scheme administrators Broadstone Consultants and Actuaries about:

 Address Changes - need to be in writing

 Bank Account Detail Changes - need to be in writing

 Updates to the Expression of Wish form

 If you are a spouse or dependant, please make contact if your family member passes, and you know they were receiving a pension from the Baptist Ministers' Pension Fund or the Baptist Pension Scheme

 Any changes to your email address, if you wish to be contacted by email

If you are receiving an annuity from another provider, please tell them about these changes.

The Baptist Pension Scheme administrators are:

Broadstone Consultants & Actuaries Ltd

Canard Court

23-25 St George's Road



Telephone: 0117 937 8700