Welcome to the Deferred Members page. Here, you can find all the information, documents and contact details you might need as a deferred member of the Baptist Pension Scheme

You are a deferred member if you have stopped paying contributions and have not transferred your benefits out of the scheme, have not received a refund of contributions, and have not yet started drawing on your pension for a retirement income.

 Your pension benefits are deferred until you reach pension age.

Use the Table below to see which Baptist Pension Scheme Plan you were in to select the appropriate section on the page for you.

Scheme Plan Defined Benefit (DB) Defined Contribution (DC) Defined Benefit and Defined Contributions
Paid Contributions before 31st December 2011
Paid Contributions after 1st January 2012


You will also be able to find out how to:

 access your Pension benefits

 transfer your benefits out of the Scheme

 keep your Defined Contribution investment choices up to date

 make changes to your Personal Details

 nominate who you wish to receive a lump sum if you die

 contact the scheme administrators with any queries