How to Enrol a New Member

1) Understand how the scheme works

As an Employer you are free to choose which pension arrangement to offer your staff so you need to decide whether the Baptist Pension Scheme is right for you (see also Auto Enrolment ).

The Scheme has three different sections - Ministers, Staff and Basic

You can find out more at The Structure of the Scheme or in the Members' Explanatory Booklets below.

PDFMinisters and Staff Sections 

PDFBasic Section


2) Complete and submit the application form and Expression of Wish form

If an employee wishes to join the Scheme, then he/she and the employer should jointly complete the application form, (which also includes a Direct Debit mandate for payment of contributions) via the Scheme administrators portal

Please note if you are enrolling a new member under the auto enrolment legislation the regulations require the employer to complete a slightly modified application form, the key difference being that the member does not complete any part of the form. The auto enrolment form can be accessed via

Your employee should also review the various investment options prior to joining and be strongly encouraged to also complete an Expression of Wish form. The Expression of Wish form nominates the person(s) the employee would like to receive from the Scheme any lump sum payable on their death. The person does not have to be related to the employee. The nomination(s) can be updated at any time if the employee wishes or if their circumstances change. The choice of beneficiary/ies is at the Trustee’s sole discretion but the employees wishes will be taken into account. The Expression of Wish form can be completed or updated via

Please note if you have any problems accessing or completing any of the above mentioned forms you should contact the Scheme administrators, Broadstone Consultants and Actuaries directly on

Once the application for membership has been accepted, you will be sent a letter confirming membership and detailing the contributions to be paid.