The Closed Defined Benefit Plan

The Defined Benefit (DB) Plan closed to new members and to future accrual of benefits by existing members on 31 December 2011.

Members' benefits accrued in the DB Plan until 31 December 2011 are preserved until retirement.

There were two separate Defined Benefit plans - the Baptist Minister's Pension Fund, and the Baptist Union Staff Pension Scheme. Both were closed at the same time and replaced from 1 January 2012 by the Baptist Pension Scheme, which is a single Defined Contribution (DC) plan for all members, whether Ministers or Staff.

If you employed a member of the DB Plan at any time between 2 September 2005 and 31 December 2011, then under pensions legislation, you are a statutory employer and this part of the website will help you to understand your obligations to support the scheme in providing the promised retirement benefits to members.


July 2022 Update on Scheme Deficit Funding and Future Employer Deficit Recovery Contributions

On 29th of July 2022 an update from the Baptist Union and Pension Trustees was sent to all Scheme employers. For a copy of the letter, please see the Employer Responsibility for DB plan Deficit Funding page.