Employer Responsibility for DB plan Deficit Funding

The responsibility for funding the scheme deficit lies with any employer who employed a member of the DB plan at any time between 2nd September 2005 and 31st December 2011 when the DB plan closed for future accrual.

The following document, issued to all scheme employers in March 2011 explains why this is the position under pensions law.

 BMPF Employer Communication

Update on Scheme Deficit Funding and Future Employer Deficit Recovery Contributions

On 29th of July 2022 the following letter was sent jointly from the Baptist Union and Pension Trustees to all Scheme employers. The letter reports the positive news regarding the future of the Scheme's DB plan with the announcement of the agreement made with the insurance company Just, which secures DB member benefits. Initial information provides details regarding ongoing Deficit Recovery Contributions with the assurance that further information will follow over the next few months.

 Buy In Employer Letter (July 2022)